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Important health information

In the light of the spread of Corona Virus Infection we have been closely watching the developments and the steps to prevent it.

covid 19

We are more alert than ever and have taken precautions in order to ensure a further spread of the disease. The health and safety of our clients, our staff, and their families remain our utmost priority. Therefore we are following all the advice received from Health and World Health Organization to manage this dynamic situation. We are committed to supporting our clients during this uncertain and fragile time following strictly COVID-19 protocols. These precautions start right from the first contact with our helpline service. Upon your call, we will be asking you about your health condition and also the health condition of your family. Firstly, our customer service will politely ask you beforehand if you are healthy or have any COVID 19 symptoms.

  • Our customer service will politely ask you beforehand if you are healthy or have any COVID 19 symptoms
  • We ensure that sanitizers are readily available for every technician working on site
  • We check daily the technicians to ensure they are healthy. On the contrary, if the technician is feeling unwell we do not pass the job.
  • The technicians abstain shaking hands with any customer while onsite
  • All the technicians wear face masks and respect rigorously the recommended distances.

We are dedicated to keeping you safe and healthy by stopping the spread of the virus. Therefore we remain unwaveringly committed to the safety and wellbeing of both technicians and customers.

So please before contacting our helpline number inform us about your family health conditions or if you have been in contact with a COVID 19 infected person.

Thank You for Choosing Us!